February 4th, 2017

groundhog day 2017 smaller

And now, as of a few days ago, thirteen years of not smoking! I’m not sure when this happened: I no longer ever think about how it would be nice to have a cigarette. I used to sometimes think that if disaster struck and I lost everything and everyone, then I could take it up again. My brain* doesn’t even go there any more. Perhaps because these days, we’re all rocketing toward disaster faster than we ever have? And I’m very busy coping?

Anyhoo. No stats this time. However! I took the stats from the last 7 years, and put them into a neat little make-a-graph program for kids because I know nothing of graphing, and voilĂ !
stats by year

You can project where the numbers might be if we had numbers for this year. (Currently arguing with my computer about why no numbers this year. You don’t want to know.)

So, lucky thirteen is lucky! We’re so glad to be quit!


* My waking brain, that is. I do still dream about smoking once in a while. But I always feel bad doing it, like I am failing. I’ve tried to train myself to recognize that I am dreaming if I am smoking — because hey! If I’m going to be dream-smoking, I might as well be aware it’s only a dream so I can enjoy it, right? — but that hasn’t worked yet.

Yay bus

April 5th, 2016

fleur ring

With both girls in elementary school now, I get to take the bus to work sometimes. I love it. I get in some steps walking to the bus stops, I don’t have to drive or pay for parking (super expensive on campus). And, especially, it’s this guaranteed spot of time where I can just be quiet, watch people, and listen to music or a podcast. With adult themes even! (Lately I’ve been going through all the archives of the Savage Lovecast, and it is so so good. I dread the day I catch up to the present and can hear it only once a week. I also dread the day Dan stops doing the podcast, because of death or whatever, but that’s another post entirely.)

This morning I was walking to the bus stop and I noticed there was a bus approaching. I looked back at it a few times to make sure it wasn’t my bus, because if it was, I’d have to run to catch it. It wasn’t. But apparently the bus driver noticed me looking, because as the bus drew near to me, it slowed to a crawl. The driver gestured to ask if I wanted to get on. WHAT?! That is a first. I was almost sorry to have to turn him down. How cool.

When my bus did come, it was crowded and there were a few people standing already, with four miles and many stops yet to go. I ventured to the back, since there is often an empty seat hiding back there. There wasn’t. More and more people boarded, and everyone crowded in, crammier and crammier. (Let me just pause right here and say: this is not a story about public groping. Yay!) I was not super steady on my feet and had to keep adjusting my handhold, and during the peak of crowdedness, as I was trying to figure out how to hold my stuff and also not fall down, one of my rings flew off my finger and bounced away. It’s a ring with some heft, and so it bounced and rolled a good ten-fifteen feet away. I could hear it even with my ear buds in. And there was no way I was going to be able to go after it without causing a huge disturbance. But! Not only did people notice it rolling down the aisle, they picked it up and passed it back to me.

Faith in humanity was shored up a bit by all of that. Yay bus!

Twelve years woo hoo!

February 2nd, 2016

happy little groundhog for 2016

Well I’m ashamed there have been no posts at all between Groundhog Day posts this time. And happy to be celebrating another year of success! Stats today, combined for the two of us:

Not spent: $51,141
Not smoked: 153,423



February 3rd, 2015

groundhog 2015 smaller

Yesterday we had our 11th anniversary of Q-U-I-T-T-I-N-G. Woo!

Our combined numbers this time (as of today, so 11 + one day):

Almost $46,895 not spent
Over 140,680 not smoked



September 4th, 2014

One of the leaves we’ve turned over in recent times is that we’ve become People Who Exercise. For such a long time I thought, well, I can quit smoking (and I did that!); I can change what I eat (and I did that too!)… but I won’t ever be a person who exercises.

At this point I’m not certain what changed, but one thing that helped: my husband brought a stationary bicycle into the house. It’s a good little machine, not fancy / no electronics. It lives in the bedroom, and most nights when the girls are asleep or near-asleep, I ride, and watch a show or two. One long show and one short. Usually, I re-watch one episode of Star Trek (right now, Voyager season 6) and then I first-time-watch one episode of The Big Bang Theory (now most of the way through season 7). The watching makes the riding easier for sure.

I love my new strong legs and better endurance. I am not quite as fond of the numb-butt effect, but that is temporary. I’ve tried to counteract it — I even wear two pairs of fancy padded bicycling shorts, and I have a fairly cushy seat. Still get numb butt.

Anyhow, I’ve been watching The Big Bang Theory, because of Wil Wheaton. I’m a fan of his and started out watching strictly to see his appearances, but the show does make me laugh even when he is not on it.

In somehow-related news, my 7 year old daughter started second grade at a new school yesterday. She had been nervous about changing schools all summer long, and so it was wonderful when she woke up on the morning of the first day all happy excited and dancing.

After school she had many positive things to report (there was significant prompting), including: it was fun to be in the same class with a long lost preschool friend; the librarian is the same one that she loved at her old school during kindergarten; her bus number is 905; she has a locker; and she made friends with another little girl in her class.

Now you have all the background (I think?) to appreciate the funny coincidence I experienced at the end of my ride tonight, during the credits.

There is a main character on The Big Bang Theory named Amy. Like one of my sisters is named. There was another character on the episode I watched tonight named Emily, like one of my other sisters is named. The Emily character was played by someone called Laura Spencer. My name is Laura, and the name of my daughter’s new friend is Spencer.

I checked the cast and crew for that episode to see if there were any Annas (Anna being the name of my other sister) but the closest I got was an Ann. Pretty close!