Cat attack!

About a year and a half ago, we adopted two cats, littermates, brother and sister. I myself grew up with three (human) sisters, and I always wondered what it would be like to have a brother, and in fact I envied some of my friends who had brothers. I’m starting to understand now, though, that the stereotype of the pesky little brother can be very real and true. Sabine, living the part of the beleaguered big sister; Griffin, relishing his role as the relentless tagalong slash bully: this is the daily pageant at our house. When awake and not eating, he almost always wants to play, which often looks like quite vicious fighting. She sometimes wants to. Just the other day I learned that she can hiss really effectively while in full galloping retreat, which I did not know a cat could do. They’ll often spend an entire morning playing/fighting and then we’ll find them cuddled up together or giving each other a face bath. It’s very cute.

They were both holding perfectly still when I took this picture. Like I said, relentless.stock still
And, there are in fact two cats in the picture below. Sabine is the happy-looking one.
cuddle puddle

Some time ago our basement stairs camera captured these two consecutive 5-second videos.

Cat Attack! Sabine gets fed up and gives Griffin some smackdown!

Cat Attack: The Sequel! Griffin, unstoppable, launches himself at his unsuspecting sister!

[Those are Sabine’s feet at the end freeze frame. Griffin’s shot right off the screen.]

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