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Upside Up

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

On Sunday we went to Kona Kitchen for a late breakfast. After we ordered, our server brought over some crayons for the girls, along with several pages taken from a coloring book. I love it when restaurants do this. I love it when they bring coloring supplies, and I really love it when it’s not the whole coloring book but some fresh pages torn out instead. When it’s the whole book, it can be hard for the girls to find a page that hasn’t been scribbled on, and also I sit there wondering how many kids have sneezed on it. Bleah. But when just a few (fresh, clean) pages are brought, there are no such problems. (Why yes, I am a bit of a germophobe. I’m working on it though. Dirt is good!)

So the two girls were sitting across from each other, coloring away. The 5 year old finished her picture and then wrote her name on the paper. Then, to be helpful, she wrote the 2 year old’s name on her paper, while the 2 year old was still coloring on it. So, she wrote it upside down. Sort of:

upside down

When viewed right side up:

upside up


When she was littler, the 5 year old used to say upside up instead of right side up. It was one of my favorite inventions of hers. Now that the 2 year old is talking more and more, I can’t wait to see what kinds of words she invents.

King Marshmallow

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Little M spotted this in Oregon last time we went down. It’s a part of a sign for a water heater company? I think? To her, and now forever to us, it’s KING MARSHMALLOW!

the water heater king


Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

alphabet, mostly

Little M pulled these letters out of a bowl and put them all up on the little fridge all by herself, undeterred by the two missing letters or the lack of space.

Ha, I suppose the title ought to have been Alphabe!

Mother Nature

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

hail hail hail

HAIL! We’ve had hail a bunch of times this week and last week. I love it! And I love the sunny then pouring then sunny then hailing then sunny then windy days we’ve been getting. If only it were warmer, it would be like spring! I can’t wait for spring!

Then there was the snow last weekend up in the mountains. It was really fun to get up there and play out in the snow.


Our place butts up against National Forest land. Seems like the neighborhood is less likely to get logged? Maybe? Anyway, neat sign.

national forest sign

sign closeup
PROPERTY BOUNDARY National Forest Land behind this sign

After our walk, Big M and Little M built a snowman family. No pictures of the finished project, alas. They had carrot noses, and excellent stick arms. The snow mommy had a pretty nice rack (or as the, ahem, bra area is known in our family, milkies).


Meanwhile, inside the cabin, little C was trying on daddy’s mittens.


And walking around all cute like.

Next time: Escape from Snowy Mudhole!


Monday, February 28th, 2011

Drawn with dabs of river water last week, by little M.
Partway finished:

water painting

Mostly finished. “This is a cheek! This is another cheek!”

water painting also

And these are drawn with countless raindrops, by Mother Nature:

rain on rocks

We happened to be down at the river during a light rainfall, after the tops of the rocks were soaked but before the sides were completely saturated. Nice stripey patterns.

rain on more rocks

This one looks to me like a piano.

rain rock piano

Mother Nature had also been busy decorating the shoulders of the mountains with a little bit of snow. And showing us a bit of blue sky. Strange light that day.

snow, dark, light