Mystery photo #10

Mystery photo #10

5 Responses to “Mystery photo #10”

  1. Maria G Says:

    Looks like cabbage.

  2. admin Says:

    Hey! It is cabbage!

    Fastest-answered mystery photo ever!

  3. Maria G Says:


  4. lemon gloria Says:

    Ah, cabbage! I was going to guess squid!

    Speaking of cabbage not squid, I pulled this page out of the NYT Sunday magazine a couple months ago with all these slaw recipes, only one of which is cabbage. Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, all kinds of things. I have every intention of making them…soon. And now I’m done rambling.


  5. admin Says:

    Haha! Squid! I too thought it looked much more exotic than cabbage. (Is squid exotic?)

    I usually cut a head of cabbage but that time, I took it apart leaf by leaf, and there was this core inside that had these little claw-like growths… I just thought it looked neat.

    And, oh my, brussels sprout slaw sounds so good! I am so googling that!

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